Brave New Work

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= conference about re-inventing work for a stronger local economy



"The 2018 Community Summit, Brave New Work, invites us to consider how can we all thrive in the changing world of work.

Technological growth is happening at an unprecedented rate and scale, and it is fundamentally altering the way we organize and value work. The work we do (and how we do it) is changing. One of the biggest challenges in effectively responding to this new world of work is creating a shared understanding of the issues at play and how they intersect. Individuals, businesses, governments, educational institutions, and civil society must collaborate to construct the future we want.

The future of work is here, but it’s still ours to define. From February 26th to March 7th, we collaborated with partners and diverse communities through a range of events and activities to provoke thinking and encourage solution-finding. We hope you had the opportunity to join us in insightful, illuminating conversations about the future of work. "