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= Conference of the GSEF (Global Social Economy Forum) in Bilbao on October 1-3, 2018



"This is the 4th edition of the Global Social Economy Forum GSEF that was initiated by the City of Seoul in 2013, in collaboration with its local social economy partners. The 2014 edition, held once again in the South Korean capital, culminated in the founding of the GSEF as a permanent international association uniting local governments and civil society stakeholders that recognize the Social Economy as a key factor in local economic development. In 2016, the City of Montréal and the Chantier de l’Économie Sociale co-organized the forum in Montréal showcasing the collaboration between local governments and Social Economy actors for the development of cities. The 4th edition of the Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2018 will take place in Bilbao.

The Global Social Economy Forum GSEF is an international network that brings together local governments and civil society stakeholders committed to supporting the development of the Social Economy (SE).

GSEF aims to serve as a hub for sharing visions and experiences through cross-border collaboration and cooperation based on multilateral partnerships for an inclusive, equitable and human centered world for all of us.

Through the collaboration between social economy organizations and local governments, the GSEF pursues creation of quality jobs, fair growth, progress of grassroots democracy, and sustainable development. Values such as human dignity and sustainable ecology are to be the underlying principles for every activity of the GSEF."

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