Lecture on Cooperative Entrepreneneurship at weKONEKT Brussels

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= http://www.vub.ac.be/events/2018/wekonektbrussels-lecture-cooperative-entrepreneneurship-at-pv-insurances


"Starting this academic year VUB and ULB are launching a new concept: weKONEKT.brussels. Home court advantage for both universities all over the city with our students invading Brussels for their classes.

This lecture on 'Cooperative Entrepreneurship' by Professor dr. Nikolay Dentchev and in cooperation with the Federation of Cooperative Organizations (FEBECOOP), will be a practical testimonial, organized as part of the course “Corporate Social Responsibility”, but open to all VUB students.

The lecture will be held on the premises of P&V Insurance (Koningsstraat 151, 1210 Brussels)." (http://www.vub.ac.be/events/2018/wekonektbrussels-lecture-cooperative-entrepreneneurship-at-pv-insurances)