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= une organisation "inter-locale", avec des chapitres dans les villes du monde entier, et qui soutien une economie collaborative; des protocoles partagee en open source, permettent a chacun de s'auto-organiser selon des regles communes

URL = http://opensource.ouishare.net/


"From its beginnings 6 years ago in an apartment in Paris, Ouishare has grown into an international network with 80 connectors (highly active members) and hundreds of members in 20 countries throughout Europe, Latin and North America, and the Middle-East. It all started with the vision of transforming the world through sharing, using technology to organize as networks of peers and do business in a more open, collaborative and horizontal way. Inspired by this idea for a better future, a team of young and passionate individuals created Ouishare as an experiment and a quest to do more meaningful work and challenge the status quo.

Today, the members of Ouishare spend a lot of time questioning, experimenting, and deconstructing the myths of our time as well as our own idealistic visions: collaborative practices, shared governance, decentralization, smart cities. We like to move into areas where we are not expected and are always exploring the edges to find new ways to address the many challenges of our time.

We are best known for our expertise in organizing innovative and participatory events, creating and curating physical spaces that connect diverse ecosystems, and our ability to research and shed light on emerging topics.

Some former Ouishare members have become entrepreneurs, others have joined public agencies, and again others enjoy the life of freelancers. With time, we have come to realize that that Ouishare is much like a university, an incubator of people for those who seek a new type of entrepreneurship. This is what we are most proud of.

The adventure will continue as long as there are other explorer-entrepreneurs willing to join us, who have the desire to lead innovative projects and to question our times." (https://www.ouishare.net/our-dna)