Platform Coops Strategy Meeting in Berlin

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* Conference / meeting held on January 29, 2018: Organized by Thomas Dönnebrink; Hosted by Supermarkt in Berlin.



"We will start the new year with some strategic platform coop planning for 2018!

This gathering aims at bringing key players of the platform coop scene in Berlin together: members of organizations, platform coop consultancies, political activists, platform coop founders and journalists.

The goal of this meetup is to work on a common roadmap for 2018 and to discuss political strategies as well as planning collaboratively organised events. The overriding question is how to introduce the concept of platform cooperativism into local policy making and the city administration? What are the civic platforms we need in Berlin? What are the preconditions for creating strong partnerships?

We also want to take a look beyond Berlin and identify potential partners in other cities, as well as best practice projects to partner up with in Europe.

During this meetup, we'll also hear from some local platform coops, such as SMartDE, WeChange, Comit or What are their plans for the year ahead? Which opportunities for collective research and concrete projects are out there?

Finally, some students of the Viadrina Europa University will present their collaboratively designed magazine on Platform Coops. A great opportunity to get your own copy!

This upcoming meeting is first and foremost a strategic networking event. There will be other meetups in the future , in which we will provide specific insights into topics such as governance, collective leadership or financial decision-making as a group."